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Cas ModuleDiagnose
Good evening, I have a problem with my BMW e91 2008. I programmed my cas module with ISTA\P, but that did not go well. Ista\P reported an error and stopped working and ista\P aborted the programming. When ista\P was closed I wanted to put my BMW on the ignition but nothing happened!. Nothing even happens when I press my key. So my car is definitely dead. Now I read a lot on the internet/forums that you can easily make the CAS module work again by programming with WINKFP. Now I have followed some videos and winKFP asks for sisterB number. Now I have entered that but I get this message (see photo 1). In addition, I have read that you have to click on update ECU. When I do that, I don't see anything (see photo 2/3). It says ECU family, but there is literally nothing in it.

Hopefully there are people here who know how I can program the CAS + can provide some explanation

thank you in advance!
have a nice evening


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