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Toyolex 4 Black Diamond Editioncrouchinggerbil
Toyolex 4 Black Diamond Edition - No Activation Required

ToyoLex 4 Black Diamond Edition, the first application on the world designed exclusively for DISABLE IMMOBILIZER SYSTEM TROUGH FLASH FILE on Toyota, Lexus and Hino (N04 engines). It has the following characteristics:

- Supports Generation 1, 2 and 3 files from Toyota and Lexus Denso ECUs with the below MCU cores:

- Denso Generation 3: R7F701202 and R7F701216 .

- Denso Generation 2: D76F0199GD, D76F0196F1, D76F0219F1.

- Denso Generation 1: NEC 76F00XX series (Currently not support old Denso core 76F0004GD mask found on some 2001-2004 MY cars)

- Exclusive algorithm that recognizes immobilizer block into Flash file, doing the disable task only in such memory and with only one click.

- Automatic special function that do erasing of DTCs togheter with Immobilizer disable function.

- By doing the process only in Flash memory, most immobilizer disable tasks can be performed through the OBD II port without the need to open the ECU!

- Not more cut / uninstall any wire or module after do Immo off, simply program the file generated by ToyoLex 4 BDE and start the engine!

- Support and process files from ALL Denso ECUs for DIESEL and GASOLINE engines.

- Work with ZERO risk on Denso Generation 3 ECUs.

- Allow binary files from any Flashing tool of the market that support Denso ECUs for Toyota and Lexus cars.

- Tested on systems with key blade and START-STOP systems.

- NOT support ECUs for Hybrid Vehicles (1) and locked Gen 3 ECU by wrong programming.

- Not tested on Factory virgin ECUs (New not installed yet ECUs).

(1) This will be noticed by the application when opening a Hybrid Vehicle file.

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black toyolex diamond edition 4

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