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Mercedes Benz XENTRY AIO FULL FIX [2023.09-R2 & 2023.12-R2] [UPDATED 21/12/2023]crypt0ninja
Mercedes Benz 
UPDATED TO 2023.09-R2 & 2023.12-R2 ON 21/12/2023

[MHHAVTO registration required. HERE]


Although I provide my solution for FREE, please consider sending a donation to show your support for the time I have invested to create this solution for everyone.

If you would like to show your support and donate, please PM for PayPal details or see 'READ THIS FIRST!!!.txt' within the downloaded archive for Crypto details.


- If you have already installed XENTRY XPT/XDOS and applied other fixes you must REMOVE ALL TRACES of XENTRY XPT/XDOS, license files and any other fixes before using this! This is designed to be used on a FRESH and NATIVE installation. You can find direct Daimler download URLs for XPT and XDOS in the 'XENTRY.Download.URLs' folder.

- XENTRY XPT/XDOS installations on VMware VM's require additional configuration in order to change APPID 253 to 252, otherwise you will always get the 'No Access Authorization' error when launching the application. Instructions on how to do this can be found in 'Change VMware APPID to 252.txt' within the 'VMware.Fix' folder.


- DISABLE Antivirus OR set the appropriate Antivirus exceptions to prevent interference. This batch solution will attempt to automatically apply the necessary Windows Defender exceptions.

I introduce my 'full fix' batch solution for XENTRY XPT & XDOS!

After seeing many posts of users experiencing errors after using older 'full fix' solutions with the most recent XENTRY XPT/XDOS releases, I decided to create my own solution.

It's a simple, two-part batch file installation process which automates the following fixes (some of which have been modified/updated/created by me):

ConnectorAPI Fix by 'connector'
Automated Windows Defender Exclusions by 'crypt0ninja' (aka c0n)
XPT/XDOS Offline Fix by 'crypt0ninja' (aka c0n)
Automated lic_key_2 steps by 'crypt0ninja' (aka c0n)
XENTRY Empty Pictures by 'crypt0ninja' (aka c0n)
XPT Simulation Mode by 'R00TR0w' (aka DieTRih)
DAS Standalone by 'R00TR0w' (aka DieTRih)
DAS Simulation by 'R00TR0w' (aka DieTRih)
DAS Special Functions Bypass by 'R00TR0w' (aka DieTRih)
DAS FDOK Keygen by 'R00TR0w' (aka DieTRih)
XENTRY Special Functions Keygen by 'R00TR0w' (aka DieTRih)
DAS SDconnect WIFI Connection Respawn by 'R00TR0w' (aka DieTRih) - XDOS ONLY
HHTWin SDconnect for XENTRY Diagnostics  by 'R00TR0w' (aka DieTRih) - XDOS ONLY
IgnitionEnabler by 'pesona'
ZenZefi After-Sales STANDARD certificate supplied by an anonymous user and automated by 'crypt0ninja' (aka c0n)
Automated Application of XDPAD/XDPAD2 Desktop Wallpapers by 'crypt0ninja' (aka c0n)

Also includes an optional 'fix'/workaround:

C003 Error Patch (Not sure who the creator is... and can't really call this a 'fix' tbh as its more of a workaround, but it may help users in certain scenarios hence why I've created an optional batch installer for it. The included 'READ THIS FIRST!!!.txt' file explains a bit more on this)

Please read the instructions (READ THIS FIRST!!!.txt within the zip file) and carefully follow the steps IN ORDER!

I do not take full credit for this release, as some of the fixes were not originally created by me so credit must go to those guys!
I just put their fixes together and modified/updated/automated them, and added my own additions to create a 'full fix' solution for XENTRY XPT/XDOS.

Hit 'THE MAGIC BUTTON' then PM me for the archive password!

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