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Autocom 2022.02a + Delphi 2022.0acrouchinggerbil
AUTOCOM 2022.02a + DELPHI 2022.02a

Includes both Autocom 2022.02a + Delphi 2022.02a Cars and Trucks releases.

You can choose to install both Autocom & Delphi from the installer if you wish and select the correct firmware for your vci.
If you do not know what pcb is in the VCI you have, you physically have to open it up and see if it is single or double pcb inside.
If you already have an original or chinese single pcb version, then you should not need to buy another one, then select 3201 firmware from the installer.
Windows 7 is no longer supported. Works only on windows 8, 8.1, and even the latest windows 10 and 11.   
  Upgrade to windows 10 or 11 or make a dual boot system if you really need to keep windows 7. 
  Google & youtube are your friends to find out how to do it.
Good quality single pcb is required to get best performance from the software. You can use genuine, just change serial number to what is on yours or china clone vci.

If you believe the AAA++++ SUPER VCI (double pcb/cheapest shit you can find), then you deserve to be scammed.

These just cannot be made to work properly with newer vehicles no matter how many components you replace or different firmwares you try!

If you are too cheap to buy a good quality vci, then do not come to us when you have a problem with your double pcb.

Double pcb can work with 1622 or 1430 firmware on vehicles from 2017 or earlier but do not work well on newer vehicles or protocols.

You can always upgrade your vci at a later stage, just change the firmware folder to the newer firmware, update your new vci and off you go.
Same as our 2020 & 2021 releases, 5 digit serial vci's still will not work! These are way too old and you can keep as a memoir or chuck it in the bin.

Get yourself the newer and better model available for the best performance!
For the best quality VCI's,  you can find them

[MHHAVTO registration required. HERE]

AUTOCOM + DELPHI 2022.02a €149
1 Month of 

[MHHAVTO registration required. HERE]

 Cars + Trucks now included for FREE
Private Message for the payment details.
[Image: pay.png]
Instructions, Download link, Installation Password and your Activation Key/s are provided after payment. 
Remote installation can be done if needed at no extra cost.
Tux Tux Tux Tux Tux
Update release: 2022.02a
- Improved VCI handling (CARS/TRUCKS)

Update release: 2022.01d
- Updated Secure Gateway service for FCA vehicles (CARS/TRUCKS)
- Export to excel functionality for flightrecorder (CARS/TRUCKS)
- Minor bugfixes (CARS/TRUCKS)

Main release: 2022.00f

CARS Release 2022.00 HIGHLIGHTS

The vehicle database is increased on 17 different brands with many models, year models and systems.


- Citroën Berlingo - EV model added
- Citroën C4 - New C4 model added
- Citroën Jumpy - EV model added
- Cupra Formentor - New model with full functionality (SGW functionality not included)
- Ford - Several engines developed with full functionality
- Ford - Several systems developed with full functionality
- Ford Focus - automatic gearbox developed with full functionality
- Ford Kuga - automatic gearbox developed with full functionality
- Ford Mach-E, Kuga and Puma - Updated with basic protocol
- Ford S-Max - additional heater
- Honda - Service light reset functionality added on several models.
- Honda - Several models updated with more functionality and systems.
- Hyundai - Updated ADAS functionality for several models
- Hyundai I40 - Yearmodel update
- Hyundai Tucson - Yearmodel update and new systems developed
- Kia - Updated ADAS functionality for several models
- Kia Soul - Parking brake system added with service functionality
- Mercedes - Diagnostic firewall update on AMG GT 4-Door[290], CLS [257], Vito, V-class and EQV
- Mercedes New Citan - Several systems
- Mercedes Sprinter 907 - camera calibration developed
- Mercedes Sprinter/Vito - systems updated with several functions
- Opel Combi Cargo - EV systems added
- Opel Combi life - EV systems added
- Opel Vivaro - EV systems added
- Peugeot Expert - EV model added
- Peugeot Partner - EV model added
- Škoda Enyaq - New model with full functionality (SGW functionality not included)
- Smart - Collision prevention assist - AEBS453, updated with radar calibration
- Smart Forfour / Fortwo [453] - updated with new systems up to MY2021.
- Suzuki Baleno - New model
- Suzuki Vitara, SX4 S-Cross and Swift - Yearmodel updated.
- Toyota - Support for new TPMS system versions on several models
- Toyota Hilux - Service light reset in YM 2020
- VAG - ADAS systems updated on several models
- VAG - Engines with full functionality updated on several models
- VAG - Models updated with several systems
- VAG - Yearmodel update on several models


The vehicle database is increased on 7 different brands with many models, year models and systems.


- Volvo FH4/FM4 2014 - APM ECU exchange
- Renault T, K and C series 2014 - APM ECU exchange
- Scania COO7 - Koordinator: Instruction how to change the K-factor.
- Scania bus 2014 - Climate control unit for Tourist and city bus
- Scania 2014 - TPM basic functionality
- Iveco S-way - Basic functionality on several systems.
- Isuzu D-max 2020 - New systems and functionality

You will not find or our real 2021 or 2022 releases on aliexpress or any other website for free or next to nothing.
What you are finding is the many fake versions that are really only our 2020.23 modified to look newer and use our same 2020.23 keygen! They even still say 2020.23 on top of the screen!
C4B 2021 version IS NOT really 2021. It is only our 2020.23 renamed, data doctored and badly modified. Anybody wonder where he disappeared to after we made the keygen free for all?
You will find both this C4B shit including the keygen we made and our original 2020.23 release which has been FREE since January 2022! 
Get both of them here on MHHAVTO for FREE!
If you paid for any of these then you were scammed!
100% guaranteed nobody has cracked our 2021 release and guaranteed nobody will crack our 2022 either.
So don't go holding your breath waiting for someone to crack our crack! for you to find on aliexpress or some other website.
Come and get the real cracked versions from the ONLY real dongle crackers! US.

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