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Misubshi Remote Install - Mitsubishi MMC ASA, MUT-III, Forklift Trucks MCFE,MCFA,online AccessAleksey-MS
Remote Install - Mitsubishi MMC ASA (Europe + USA + Japan), MUT-III, Forklift Trucks MCFE, MCFA, MMCCodingWriter, CAPS, Mitsubishi online access, TruckTool, Diesel Engine Service Tool

Mitsubishi ASA (General + Europe + USA + Japan) EPC 06.2024 - $149
Mitsubishi ASA (General + Europe + USA + Japan) EPC 12.2023 - $99
Mitsubishi ASA (Europe + USA + Japan) EPC 11.2020 - $45
Mitsubishi ASA spare parts catalogs for automobiles in Europe, Asia, North America, Japan. It contains complete information on spare parts and accessories for cars and jeeps. In the auto parts catalog, there is a search by VIN, model, number, name, the applicability of the part.
[Image: Mitsubishi-MMC-ASA-.jpg]

Mitsubishi MUT-III 03.2024 (with calibration files) - $125
Mitsubishi MUT-III 03.2024 (without calibration files) - $99
Mitsubishi MUT-III 2021 + ECU Rewrite Data files - $75
Mitsubishi MUT III 2021 - $45
Mitsubishi MUT III FUSO 2016 - $165
Mitsubishi MUT III FUSO 2014 - $55
Original Mitsubishi Car Diagnostic Software. It works only with its own equipment - VCI or j2534. And the collection of updates for the electronic components of Mitsubishi Motors cars. It is installed only in the MUT-III diagnostic program.

Configure Full MUT 3 j2534 drivers - $135
All functions, for any j2534. Don't work for Fuso

Configure Limited MUT 3 j2534 drivers - $65
Limited version with minimal functions. Don't work for Fuso

Functions supported by the drivers
  1. Diagnostics by CAN, K-line (old and new cars)
  2. Reprogramming only by CAN (for new cars, look at attached file)
  3. Works on Windows 7, 10 x32, x64
  4. Adapters - any J2534, but reprogramming and working on K-line will only work with Tactrix OpenPort 2.0, Scanmatik 2 Pro, and other high-quality adapters. On such as Toyota Mini-VCI will not work, this is a limitation of the adapter.
  5. Licensing system - binding to equipment.
  6. Reset Lear / Continental ETACS to factory state (VIN / IMMO / Code).
  7. VIN registration in IMMO blocks
  8. VIN change in engine blocks (maybe not all are supported)
  9. Read / write EEPROM dump on Nippon Seiki MB91F223 panels (additional option - $19)

Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks LinkOne EPC 2018 - $150
Mitsubishi trucks Electronic Parts Catalog contains complete technical information on spare parts and accessories.
Regions: Europe, General Export, USA, Mexico
[Image: Mitsubishi-Fuso-Trucks-Link-One.jpg]

Mitsubishi MMC Coding Writer - $35
Software for reading and ETACS coding Mitsubishi via j2534 VCI (Toyota Mini-VCI, Scanmatik 2, OpenPort 2.0) or ELM327 (ELM327 Bluetooth/USB, ELS27).
ETACS (Electronic Total Automobile Control System) is a complete vehicle control system. ETACS receives information from all electronic systems of the car and, based on the received data, controls the power supply, the operation of the car lighting, locks, wipers, washers, alarms, etc.
[Image: MMC-Coding-Writer.jpg]

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks EPC MCFE 07.2024 + Workshop Manuals - $555
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks MCFE 2019 - $95
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks MCFE 2014 or 2016 VMware - $55
Spare part catalog and service manuals for Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks.

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks EPC MCFS 04.2024 + Workshop Manuals - $555

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks EPC MCFA 10.2023 - $249

Spare parts identification program Mitsubishi ForkLift Truck Europe contains the catalog of details forklift loaders of various carrying capacity (including models with the electric drive). The electronic catalog Mitsubishi Fork Lift on 2 DVD and 1 DVD with Manuals.
[Image: Mitsubishi-Forklift-Trucks-MCFE.jpg]

Mitsubishi Fuso 2002-2016 Service Manual - All Models - $75[Image: Mitsubishi-Fuso-Manuals.jpg]
Mitsubishi CAPS Trucks EPC 10.2007 - $65
The program CAPS (Computerized Automatic Parts Search) contains exhaustive information on spare parts and the additional equipment for automobile machines, jeeps, lorries, the chassis for special purposes. The program is broken into the following regions: Europe, Europe Truck, General, USA.
It works on Win XP or VMware with Win XP.
[Image: Mitsu_CAPS.jpg]
Mitsubishi Workshop, Service Repair Manual, Wiring Diagram 2021 - $199
[Image: Mitsubishi-manuals.jpg]

Mitsubishi online access:
1 month - $295
1 year - $1975

What inside:
  • Mitsubishi Reprogramming Pass-Thru Software
    (Win 10 x64 Pro, 40GB free, 6th generation Intel processor (code name: Skylake) or later)
  • Online Workshop Manual
  • Owners Manual Vehicle
  • Owners Manual Multimedia
  • Periodic Technical Inspection
  • PDI and Periodic Maintenance
  • Training Material
  • VIN Recall Status
  • VIN Identification
  • On-Board Diagnostic Information
  • Newsletters

TruckTool 3.11 2022 Diagnostic Program (for Mitsubishi, CAT, TCM, UniCarriers, Rocla, Jungheinrich) - $199
[Image: Truck-Tool-Diagnostic-Program-Mitsubishi...inrich.jpg]

Mitsubishi Diesel Engine Service Tool - Engine Scope 2022 - $135
[Image: Mitsubishi-Diesel-Engine-Service-Tool-Engine-Scope.jpg]

Need it? Write to me to discuss the details.

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